Sunday, June 1, 2008

No, We Ain't Bad

I have gotten a few querulous e-mails to the effect of "Hurrold, Hurrold, aren't you afraid somebody will do (whisper whisper whisper) and the police will confiscate his hard drive and find your Tyrannicide blog on there?"

Number one, so what if they do? As I get sicker and sicker in body I am getting sicker and sicker in my heart and my mind about not saying out loud what I have been thinking all my life. As there grows to be less and less they can do to me, I long to do more and more to them. I'm tired of running from these reptiles; I'm tired of concerning myself with what some ambulatory turd in a a $2,000 silk suit is going to think or do about who I am, what I believe, and what I say. Fuck these people.

Secondly, it ain't gonna happen. Let's face it, our big bad Movement is a joke, and these maroons with the "Aryan Berserker Warrior" type e-mail addresses in real life most likely resemble the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. They ain't gonna do doodly-squat. Not now, not ever.

None of us is ever going to actually do anything, and everybody knows it. Us, the FBI, BO's negroid chorus, you name it. If we were going to do anything we would have done it before now. Instead all we're hearing is tap tap tap tap tap on these goddamned keyboards. If any of us had an ounce of honor or integrity or courage left in our beings, we wouldn't be hearing tap tap tap tap tap, we'd be hearing bang bang bang bang bang. But that arsenal of guns we have stashed away remains hidden in the closet, gathering oily dust.

We don't produce men like John Wilkes Booth or James Earl Ray any more, or Joseph Franklin, or Byron de la Beckwith, whom I had the honor of knowing personally. I mean that literally, we don't breed men like that any more. They're all gone, as extinct as the dire wolf and the cave bear. They don't exist any more, and outside the pages of my Northwest novels they never will exist. My novels are kind of a political Jurassic Park, dreaming of somehow finding the extinct DNA and restoring to life a whole species of being that is in reality gone for ever.

It is possible that someone in authority may decide to use this blog to fabricate some non-existent "plot," but that's all it will be, a fabrication. And if they do, then it will have been worth it for me to finally simply say out loud, bellow out loud, fuck these people! I am going to say what I want to say, think what I want to think, and hope what I want to hope. And I want and hope to live long enough to see these dogs' blood.

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Magus1984 said...

Sadly, it seems that one of two possibilities are true from the previous post:

1) Although everyone sees a problem and a threat, no one is willing to take the important steps so as to make a change.

2) We're waiting on someone else to make the move for us.

I am ready, willing and able to move now!