Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cacking BO

My personal view is that the filthy bubble-lip is in far more danger from various factions in the Establishment than from White people, who no longer have sufficient testicular follication to do the necessary.

He will be in especial danger if he chooses Hillary Clinton for his Vice Presidential candidate. Not sure whether she'd wait until after the November election or have the Funky Monkey whacked prior to that so she could ride in on a sympathy wave. They'll claim it's some White Southerner, of course, set some poor son of a bitch up like they set up James Earl Ray.

If BO gets whacked, it will be either Hillary or the Jews, who for obvious reasons are nervous about anyone with a dark skin educated in a Muslim madrassah becoming President and would definitely prefer Mr. Potato Head and the current neocon clique now in power. Obama has been genuflecting and toadying to the Israel lobby like mad for the past few weeks, but my guess is they're not buying it. It could be that the sub-text for all Obama's pandering is "Please don't kill me!"


Anonymous said...

Hillary is definitely not going to be Obama's running mate. He's hired Patti Doyle as his vp office secretary. Hillary fired her as campaign manager in February..so it's a no-go.

Darkness Bitch said...

omg i hope someone kills this nigger before he gets elected. i hope the shyt dont but by the way things are going this shyt has a good chance. thought i would never see the day a nigger get this far.