Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Are The Damned

As dearly as I would like to be proven wrong by events, I have to predict at this point that the Funky Monkey is going to win. In January he will shamble into the Oval Office, his phenomenally ugly Pri-mate at his side, and he and Michelle My Belle will be jumping up and down on the Presidential desk going ack! ack! ack! and waving bananas in the air.

I think he's going to win for a number reasons, all of them vile and stupid:

1) He will win because the Establishment has already decided he will win. They decided it long ago when they plucked this creature out of the obscurity of Chicago's South Side, and they have greased the slides for him ever since.

Even in a system as corrupt as that of our liberal democracy, there are certain rules. Obongo has violated them with impunity, and gotten away with it. You don't just appear out of nowhere, with no track record, whole years missing from your biography, having been slid into the U.S. Senate by mysterious unnamed forces, then spend two years voting "present" on everything so as not to leave a paper trail, and then all of a sudden run for President of the United States with $150 million magically showing up on the internet every month.

Uh-uh. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark here. We don't know who the little man behind the curtain is, possibly the Goldfinger-like left-wing trillionaire George Soros, possibly oil-rich Muslim nations who are tired of American Presidents sucking Israel's dick and dropping bombs on their children. But we sense the little man's presence behind that curtain. He is there. Barack Hussein Obama is a sock puppet; we just don't know for who yet.

2) He will win because he is going to cheat.Obama wants what he wants, and he wants it now. If he can't get it honestly he's going to steal it. He's black, remember? Black people simply have no concept of the idea of private property, or that it is wrong to take things that don't belong to you. It's genetic; they don't have the necessary circuits for moral principles built into their DNA yet.

He's already been caught cheating, and the Obama-worshipping media has reported and then ignored it. (God knows what else they have known about and not reported; they only this weekend got around to telling us about Monkey Meat's Kenyan family living in this country as illegal aliens.) ACORN alone, an allegedly "independent left-wing public action group" (riiiiiiiight) has been caught filing approximately 1.3 million "new voter registrations," all of which are highly suspect. In the electorally significant state of Ohio alone, 200,000 ACORN registrations were challenged, not by the Republicans, but by local election boards who were finding dead people, convicted felons, non-existent people, babies, and in one case the entire starting line of the Dallas Cowboys registering to vote--and coming from ACORN, you know those bogus votes weren't intended for McCain.

3) He is going to win because our antiquated electoral college system has become so skewed after 220 years that a candidate no longer has to get a majority of the votes to be elected President.

All anyone needs is five states: New York, Illinois, Florida, Texas, California, plus a few more Rust Belt middleweights like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. It's amazing how fast those electoral votes can pile up; it is possible to win with only about ten of the fifty states voting for a candidate. Guess where most of the black and liberal votes in this country are concentrated?

4) The anthropoid is going to win because the Republican candidates are such incredible doofuses.It's like he was running against two of the Three Stooges. My own theory is that McCain was set up as a palooka to take the fall for Hillary Clinton so she could have her turn, as part of the agreement made between the two major parties a generation ago. The sudden appearance of "The One" seems to have upset everybody's calculations. Could someone tell me again exactly what the hell was wrong with Mike Huckabee?

5) Monkey Meat is going to win because there is an entire generation of nominally White youth who have been raised by the television set, and who have been conditioned from birth to believe that light-skinned niggers are "cool" and that they must live all their lives ashamed of being White. The niggers have the world's biggest sense of entitlement, and they have managed to sell most White people on the idea that they are owed some kind of karmic debt because their ancestors were made to work and were punished when they did wrong.

Bullshit. Blacks have taken their "reparations" in the form of trillions of dollars in welfare and oceans of White blood for the past 55 years, but now they want the White House and the right to tyrannize the people who were so unforgivably uncouth and unkind in the past as to make them behave like civilized beings for a while--a time only a few elderly people remember any more.

6) At the risk of getting all metaphysical here, Obama is going to win because God now despises us and intends to punish us.Or the gods, or Nature, or Cosmic Destiny, or the Great Pumpkin, or however one wants to designate the essential creative and dynamic spirit of the universe. We in this country were given this priceless gift, this mighty land from sea to shining sea, because we were the most beloved of (insert preferred Higher Power here)'s children and He wanted us to show Him what we could do. Yet we screwed it up, starting in 1619 when some idiots at Jamestown traded three kegs of perfectly good sippin' whiskey to some Dutchmen for 20 niggers.

Hell, up until the middle of the 18th century or so we had Jamaica, one of the most beautiful island paradises in the world. It was all White until early capitalists started bringing in niggers for cheap labor, just as today's capitalists have thrown open the borders to obtain cheap Third World labor. And we all know how well Jamaica turned out.

Tomorrow night the bill is going to come due for fifty years of disregarding Nature's laws, the facts of history, and the facts of human biology. The bill is coming due for spitting on the graves of our ancestors, for betraying everything they fought for and believed, for engaging in unspeakable and filthy sexual practices with dark-skinned animals and with each other, for our cataclysmic hubris in believing that we know better than the Creator who has clearly manifested His intentions regarding us and the way He wishes us to live our lives.

Some Christians believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist. I'm not a Christian, so I view him simply as payback for our sins. And make no mistake, what we have done to this country is a sin.

We have seen in Zimbabwe and Rwanda and all over Africa what happens under black rule. We have seen it in Detroit and Atlanta and Washington D.C. Now we all get a taste. Enjoy your last day of the old world, folks, because as of tomorrow night, we are the damned.


Anonymous said...

One of your better efforts, Harold.

Rollory said...

Yeah. This is good.