Thursday, November 6, 2008

Passive Resistance Ideas

Hi, folks:

I need your ideas and your input on putting together a program of passive resistance--little things that little people can do in order to resist and undermine The Baboon and his regime over the next few years, monkey-wrenching type stuff, psychological warfare, etc.

The important thing is that the enemy needs to understand that they have not won, not completely. They need to live with the gnawing fear that the spirit of the American people still exists in our hearts, that our spirits are not broken, and that things may yet escalate into a Red Dawn type of scenario if somehow we can recover some courage.

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Anonymous said...

In progress.

Dave 11072008 / 1222

Anonymous said...

All those pre-approved credit card offers that show up in the mail come with postage paid envelopes. Stuff them with NAR fact sheets, then mail them back without a return address label.

Dave 11082008 / 1715