Sunday, November 2, 2008

Your Campaign Donations In Action (Or Mr. Soros's)

I had hoped this would reproduce a little bit better than it did, but oh, well. The document in the lower left is a room service tab from a swanky New York hotel in the amount of $447 and change, for a midnight snack of lobster and champagne, and it's signed by the Pri-Mate herself, Michelle My Belle. This may be the same New York hotel whose management complained that Michelle's bodily vermin had infested the mattress and they had to fumigate the room. Wish I could get hold of a copy of that bill.
Okay, fair enough, politicians and politicians' wives live high on the hog, or in Michelle Obama's case, resemble the hog. But what I wonder is this: what is going to happen along about June or July of next year, when you soul brothers have done got de O-Man into the Obul Awfice, and he and him ho' sittin' dere scarfing down lobster and champers and you bloods still be sittin' on de stoop drinkin' dat wine and chugging on forties, and basically, not a god damn thing has changed because de O-Man never really was a brother in the true sense--he is a freak, an accident of nature that never should have happened.
What will the niggers do when they finally realize that de O-Man has betrayed them, just like countless White presidents have betrayed us?


Anonymous said...

Four years of having those beasts in the White House. God, it's going to be a zoo.

Anonymous said...

And we get to pay for four years of indulging this animal's every whim as First Lady? Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

God, that's an ugly woman, even for a negress! She really DOES look like Aunt Esther off Sanford and Son.