Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome To The South Park of the Internet

A couple of days ago, that desiccated liberal bitch Hillary Clinton finally admitted in a newspaper interview in South Dakota something I think we have all kind of suspected for some time, that being that one of the reasons she's hanging on to the Democratic presidential primary race like grim death is that she's waiting for somebody to come along and waste the stupid coon, thus eliminating her competition in the most final manner possible.

An assassin might do this out of a lust for glory and immortality or out of genuine racial idealism and patriotism in order to spare the country the unspeakable disaster of an Obama presidency. They might do it because Bill or Hillary hired them to do it, although I think the Sea Hag is in fact too cagey to get traceably involved in any of the actual wet work; she's never been short flunkies for that purpose. They might do it purely to get their 15 Minutes, even at the expense of their own lives, kind of an American Idol experience, Tim McVeigh chic being better than none. Or the assassin might be just plain nuts. There's a lot of that going around. This is, after all, Amurrica, and we are an insane people.

But the point is, this is Amurrica, and if Hillary gets to make public reference to BO biting the big one, then so do we. That's what this blog is for. Consider this blog the South Park of the internet. South Park gets to talk about excrement, deviate sex, vomit, farts, dancing turds, and general filth in ways never before seen on TV.

But also, in between the toilet humor and the mice being inserted up faggots' asses, the show gets to talk about Jews and niggers and Mexicans and the Sea Hag and the war, and other forbidden political and racial topics in ways that would never be tolerated by any of the talking heads on the cable news shows. South Park's purpose in the scheme of things seems to be to push the envelope, to see how far they can go, to see what they can get away with. That's essentially the purpose of this blog.

In ancient and medieval times, one of the worst and most treasonable offenses was to speak of the death of the king. That's what we're going to do here. We are going to speak of the death of our (apparently) newly appointed Nubian Lord and Master and his bubble-lipped, prognatheous-jawed consort, Michelle My Belle, whom I swear to God does in fact look like the result of the interbreeding of a man and one of the larger primates. If Obama wins (or should I say when, since it seems to have been decided already) Michelle My Belle will unquestionably go down in history as the ugliest First Lady ever to defile the East Wing with her goat-smelling carcass.

We are going to speak of the death of de O-Man and his ho', and there will be no disclaimers, no coy protests about this or that niggling little loophole to try and pretend that we're not saying what anyone with two brain cells will be able to understand that we're saying.

A Barack Obama presidency would be the worst and most unmitigated disaster in United States history, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone with the intelligence of grapes. There are millions of White Americans who long to see this gibbering porch monkey and his rancid consort dead.

They don't have the guts to do it, of course. Let's face it, Barack Obama could stroll unarmed and unguarded right across the cow pasture at a Klan rally, get up on the podium and make a speech about "change," and there does not exist in this country any more a single White male who has the physical courage to raise a hand against him. As far as any actual attempt at assassinating Obama, it ain't gonna happen. White men don't kill their enemies any more, and everybody from the Secret Service on down knows it. The government's enforcement agencies know we're a joke, even if we pretend not to.

But we can dream. I'm not saying that to be funny. A people in chains can still dream of freedom, even if they can no longer comprehend what it means to be free. We no longer have the courage to act--but a few of us may still have the courage to speak of our dreams.

This blog is for them.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I THINK I understand what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Hal Turner has an ongoing comments section on exactly this topic.

Hillary Clinton Hints at Obama Assassination!


Anonymous said...

where is the kin of james earl ray when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Doubt that the Obamanation will be able to get elected, as horrible as the Manchurian Candidate, aka McCain, is, the dems are already telling each other that they cannot get Monkey Meat elected with only nigs and ultra-liberals, and of course the Sea Hag agrees.

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

Hal, it's a foregone conclusion that Hillary will be the next President. They (Hill, Bill and demon spawn Chelsea) want back in that White House BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

There was just another quote in today's papers from Bill about Chelsea running for office.

They do not plan to step down gracefully.

They will not accept losing to a nigger.

They've eliminated people before. They'll do it again.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to turn anti-racist, but... someone damn well should have shot George and Cheney already... I frankly don't see how Obama is going to do much worse than the current president (who has also been compared to a monkey on countless occasions), nor do I see a whole lot of difference between Obama and McCain.

Honestly, I think it would be a terrible mistake to shoot Obama because every drum-beating pro-integration fruitcup out there will say, "See? We TOLD you so! There's racism EVERYWHERE!" If anything, the reins will tighten down that much harder on white folks. I think it would be far better to just let the man take office... he'll fuck things up enough for us. It's not gonna help if someone puts a bullet in him.

Anonymous said...

Well, no f***in' sh**! You mean I get to post all the stuff here that I've been wanting to say elsewhere but nobody will let me without some kind of f***in' go*d*** censorship?


OK, so what I've been wondering almost out loud lately ('cause I don't want to let the boys in the Qube hear what I'm thinking) is why some of the guys on SH or SP or one of those Big Boys with Big Sticks sites haven't formed a small cadre already and taken out not only da nig, but da Hag, Billy Boy, Georgie-porgie and his Dad, the Chain-Man, and the Manchurian candidate already? And then after that why they haven't already worked up the ladder and taken out da Big Jooz at the top o' the heap?

Whassa matter, they got no balls left? Or did they get so brainwashed in 'designated' school that they won't take no orders from nobody except their own active officers (who in turn won't take any initiative and pull the ol' General Jack D. Ripper scenario - from Dr. Strangelove)?

Are they ALL that 'disciplined' (read: 'mind-controlled')? Or are they all so greedy that nobody'll do it without some serious cash? Yeah, guys, I KNOW what 175 gr. SMKs cost nowadays, but jeezus cain't none of youz afford the extra time and gas money to do this blessed thing and relieve us of all our woes?

What is the REAL excuse for not actin'? Ah jus' wanna hear someone say it, for once, and then hear effabuddy else on dis hear blog snicker and calls 'em 'pantywaist' until dey gets so riled dat dey go out an' DO it.

-D (who else?)

Anonymous said...

Like one of the above posters said, it's idiocy to even think about any sort of assassination. Obama couldn't possibly do worse than the past administration, and if he does, then great... that sends the message once and for all that this system of things is unsalvageable, whether it be run by neocons or leftists. The faster the house of cards comes tumbling down, the better it will be for us.