Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Make Them Stop

The essential purpose of assassination in the context of today's society would not be so much vengeance, or punishment, or to "make a statement," or to commit an act of "propaganda of the deed" as the lefties call it. The purpose of assassination these days is simply to make them stop. To make these asshole politicians and the bureaucrats and media intellectuals and other assorted creeps stop doing what they are doing.

Nothing else seems to work. Elections don't work when there are no meaningful candidates on the ballot, and we end up with a doofus like John McCain on the Republican ticket, courtesy of the Diebold Corporation. Ballots don't work when your vote isn't counted by Diebold. Democracy doesn't work when it requires millions of dollars to buy your way in--even the Sea Hag herself has had to go $11 million dollars in debt in her own money over and above what her votaries contributed. (Rumor has it she's now got her palm out to BO to be reimbursed for that money as a condition for her dropping out of the race. Hillary herself gets her money back; the old feminist bags and other little people who contributed to her campaign can go jump in a lake. They're out their money.)

The purpose of assassination isn't even to make them listen to us. We don't want the politicians to listen to us. Listening is no good if they don't do what we say, like they're supposed to, since they allegedly work for us. We want them to stop doing what they're doing. A dead politician cannot steal. A dead politician cannot lie. A dead politician cannot betray. A dead politician cannot ignore us and hold us in contempt any more. A dead politician can't fuck anybody over any more. There is simply no substitute for a bullet in the head to make them stop.


Anonymous said...

This blog is an interesting concept. Be interesting to see how many of our Mighty Aryan Warriors of the internet go running for the hills to hide.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that the FBI or anyone in government will take you seriously, Harold, because like you say, they know damned well that the so-called White Resistance movement is a joke. But you're probably going to succeed in panicking a lot of our own lily-livered so-called "comrades" into running away from you.

brian boru said...

Since the great kike victory in 1945 this has been the only realistic answer. It comes down to us or them. There can be no mercy for the losers, and we will be the losers unless we are willing to spill blood, lots of it. Because of our cowardice the task has become immensely more daunting as the kike is now so much more powerful. The jew will never stop until they have achieved the type of world that Orwell described in his book '1984'. If they succeed then only a world wide natural catastrophe would offer some chance of future freedom.
The tragedy of all of this is that the kike is not that strong or clever. The parasite can't survive without a host, whereas we can. He creates a world of illusion and lies that holds us in thrall. Jews are risk averse. They don't believe in endangering their lives. They want to enjoy all their stolen loot and their feeling of superiority. If they are under the gun all the time it won't be worth it. The have never been under the gun so far. It's time that changed.